Our commission is led by a steering committee comprised of ten experts in geography and global understanding from all over the globe. We can thus build on a wide network of geographical communities and use their expertise to promote our goals.

The people behind.


Prof. Benno Werlen

University of Jena/Germany

E-mail: benno.werlen@uni-jena.de


Dr. Karsten Gaebler

University of Jena/Germany

E-mail: iguglobalunderstanding@gmail.com

Prof. Ibidun O. Adelekan

University of Ibadan/Nigeria

E-mail: ibidun.adelekan@mail.ui.edu.ng

Prof. Enrique Aliste

University of Chile, Santiago de Chile

E-mail: ealiste@uchilefau.cl

Dr. Verónica C. Hollman

University of Buenos Aires/Argentina

E-mail: vhollman@concicet.gov.ar

Prof. Je-Hun Ryu

Korea National University of Education

E-mail: jhryu@knue.ac.kr

Prof. Wen-Cheng Wang

National Taiwan Normal University

E-mail: wwang@ntnu.edu.tw

Prof. Katja Vintar Mally

University of Ljublijana/Slovenia

E-mail: katja.vintar@ff.uni-lj.si

Prof. Shangyi Zhou

Beijing Normal University/P.R. China

E-mail: twizsy@163.com

Dr. Luis Berneth Peña

Externado University of Colombia

E-mail: lberneth@gmail.com